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Las Vegas Web is a local leader in video marketing solutions when it comes to creating and ranking business videos on page 1 of Google.

Imagine your potential customers being presented with YOUR MINI-COMMERCIAL just at the moment they need your services most.


How do we do this?
1. We create a short 1-2 minute commercial for your business (If you already have one, we can take your existing commercial and use it instead).
2. We load the commercial to Youtube.
3. Using a proprietary video marketing system we enhance the video’s ranking in Google’s search result pages so when people search for terms that describe your business, it will appear on top and grab the searcher’s attention.

The result?
Each time someone searches for services/products that you sell, your video is there, front and center and each time you have an opportunity to capture the searcher and convert them into customers for your business.

Note: Most Las Vegas firms offer video marketing services that include blasting your video to 101 video websites. Problem is, if the video is not properly optimized and promoted no one will ever see it… When shopping around for video marketing service provider, make sure that your firm of choice can get you both the submission AND the ranking.

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