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Cost Effective PPC Management That Works

If your Pay-Per-Click advertising is not paying you back more than you put into it, it may be time to look into a new PPC management company.

When done right, Pay-Per-Click advertising should be paying you back more than your investment. Such campaign must feature the right mix of bid amount, ad copy, targeting and landing page. Otherwise it is destined to bomb and become a money pit.

We Know PPC Management
Gone are the days when you could bid on keywords, put up an ad, direct it at your homepage and rake in the bucks.

wonka-ppc-jokester Unfortunately, many PPC management firms still work that way. They set a budget, collect their management fee and make sure your budget is spent with a complete disregard to ROI. In other words, they make sure that your money is spent in its entirety and if you’re “lucky”, they might pace the spending so that it lasts all month…

Are YOUR Campaigns Yielding Positive ROI?
Simply put, each lead has a certain value to your business and as long as your cost to acquire that lead is less than that value, you have a cash-flow positive.

If you:
1. Are not sure how much a lead is worth to you.
2. Do not know how much the return is on your spending.

Chances are that your PPC management team did not take the time to optimize your campaign and as a result you are money is in jeopardy…

How We Can Help?
We offer a risk free PPC campaign assessment. This assessment includes a review of your campaign, its spending and its performance and giving you an honest review of the campaign (On average, we find 15%-25% savings on ad spend per month).

If you want a 2nd opinion, your current provider does not have to know about our assessment. If all is set up properly we will not need to notify them or obtain any information from them directly.

PPC Platforms Serviced

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Google Display Network
  3. Bing
  4. Facebook
  5. Youtube

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