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Imagine being able to transform your perceived authority and becoming the go to person in your field almost overnight.

Being an authority is all about how you are perceived and has nothing to do with your personal achievement. Therefore, anyone who is new (or veteran) in an industry can become the authority with just the right exposure.

Here are just part of our offerings for authority marketing:

  1. Major Media Citation – We will get a story about you / your opinion / your service on national media sites such as ABC, NBC, CBS and their local affiliate stations.
  2. Best Seller Campaign – We will get your book launched on Amazon’s Kindle platform and achieve a best-seller status.
  3. Immediate ROI – Once you achieve exposure, we will work with you on tailoring the proper campaign to achieve return on your investment.

This service works great for:

  1. Realtors
  2. Coaches
  3. Consultants
  4. Local Businesses
  5. Anyone else…*

* Anyone who is interested (& can benefit) in a shortcut to becoming an authority in their field.

Our authority marketing services are offered both on an a-la-cart basis or on a recurring basis and start from $995.

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